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111 notes"I have everything in this world. Position, power, acceptance to the best university, a fit body, friends, ability to travel, be free and god knows what all… But all in all, I just feel so lucky. I think i can proudly say, I don’t have any problems in life. I am so happy, i have so much fun and quickly hide my cute side in front of people. But who I am , what I am… is because of people around me and my mother. Like all this that i have is hers, she has made me into me. My friends have helped me throughout and allowed me to hug there mother’s like she was mine and vice-versa. I finally now grasped the idea of what love is.. It is not sleeping with a guy for the first time and calling that tricky mental bond your first love. Do you know why love is blind? Because your mother starts loving you before seeing you."
- Be with a man who can give you love like her and you will never have a breakup (via everythingyoulovetoohate)

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598 notes"Sleep with me. I couldn’t care less if were wearing five layers of clothes, or nothing at all. You belong in my bed. You deserve to feel the comfort of what I call ‘paradise’.
Sleep with me. I’ll help you recreate the warmth that left your fingertips years ago. I want to hear you breathe easily, as the sound drowns out every single worry on my weary mind.
Sleep with me. I don’t mean to create such a sense urgency, but you deserve to feel safe, and I’ll do everything in my power to make that happen."
My name is rohan and I exist for you (via everythingyoulovetoohate)

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I am defined as a guy with strong hands, charm and the bad boy image. But sometimes behind our popularity and strength. One or two of us are born in every decade. I only sleep with girls i am in love with and find more joy in touching water than a models breasts.
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I still love you

no I don’t.

I’m so confused. why did this happen.

I want you to be happy. if this is what it takes then I’m okay with it. be happy. for me. please.

don’t you ever give up.

I kind of hate you for leaving me.

but I still love you.

I won’t look at you in person but I talk to you in my head

you’re a better listener this way.

I’m sorry.

maybe if I wasn’t so fucked up this wouldn’t have happened

no. it’s not my fault.

but it kind of is.

I hate this

I don’t know who I am without you.

why can’t things be like they were before

please come back to me. I need you. you need me.

we are so goddamn bad for each other it’s beautiful. I’m addicted to our heartbreak.

I went through our old messages. I cried because you promised to always be there. you lied.

you smiled at me in the hall today. i thought my chest was being ripped open

I’m glad you’re smiling though.

texts I saved but never sent you since you left me. (via satanss-mistress)

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Augustin Marlot | Photographed by Nicolas Gerardin